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Evita on the left, mad that I was taking pictures of her brother and not her. I was taking his nine month update shots.
My favorite portrait from last week’s collection was of this teething baby, to continue the theme… 🙂


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beachIMG_9377 PicMonkey Collage
damiansweeklyupdateweek40This week Damian turned nine months old! He’s started to stand on his own and make an attempt at steps, though he usually loses his balance and squats back down. I think he’ll be walking soon, though! He’s been having an awful time teething lately and I finally put an amber necklace on him. It didn’t last long before his sister demanded it back, though. I’ll have to get him one of his own!




  1. Erica, your pictures are beautiful. I cannot believe how quickly your babies have grown.
    Thank you for your link to Baby Love. Even though she is crying from teething pain, it’s a reminder that it is all part of a mama’s life.
    Oceans of love,
    Bella x

  2. what a wonderful idea to focus on nature walks this year. i sure wish we could get out in some natural environment a little more often. but alas, our “out side” is swimming pool on top of a shopping mall. i mean, it’s a pretty amazing swimming pool, but you know. it would be nice to touch some actual earth! annnnyyyway, damo sure is getting big! and all that hair! heart eyes. for days.

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