Week in Pictures


My favorite picture of Eva this week. We try to get to the beach every day, even when the weather isn’t ideal.


And here’s my favorite one of Damo, crawling alongside the Rio Grande.

 My favorite portrait from last week’s collection was this babywearing one. It was the only way I could ever get Eva down for a nap as well. Now, at almost 3 with a baby brother in tow, our babywearing days are few and far between. I miss them so.

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damiansweeklyupdateweek38Damian has been busy cutting his first two teeth. They’re the bottom front ones, and the one on the left is fully cut through the gums now. He was a little less fussy about it this week than last, but they still seem to be bothering him. Poor little guy. Other than that, I don’t have much to say. He’s been getting better and better at walking his little “lawnmower” around and I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s taking steps on his own. Eeek!



  1. How do you organize your pictures? Do you upload them right away? It seems like I’d forget which day was which… I’d love to know how you keep everything organized on your cameras/computers.

    • I organize them by date. Each day of the year has its own folder. It helps me with my “photo a day” project. 🙂 I try to upload them every few days so I don’t get overwhelmed.

  2. Your babes are beautiful! A friend of mine recently met my daughter and said to her ” Hi Chloe! I feel like I already know you from Instagram!” I think I would say the same thing to your kids! 🙂 I love the weekly updates.

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