I’m 28 years old today. I remember that’s how old my mom used to jokingly tell me she was year after year after year when I was a kid. A lot of my girlfriends are afraid of wrapping up their twenties. I used to dread it too, but as 30 approaches I’m actually looking to it with a little bit of anticipation. I know I’ve been an adult for a while now, but I’m finally starting to feel like one. And not just in the OMG-I-have-all-of-these-responsibilities type of way, but rather in an “I’ve got this” type of way. I’m starting to feel more like a woman. I don’t know if it’s from my limited experience of finally starting my career, or surviving my first year as a mother of two, but I feel a much stronger sense of confidence than I had ten or even two years ago. I’ve found it much easier to let go of things that don’t matter, to laugh about old insecurities, and just to find peace. I’ve learned so much since I entered adulthood ten years ago, and I still have so much to discover about life and the world and everything else. I’m looking forward to the next ten years (godwilling) with stars in my eyes. I’m grateful for every minute, day, month, and year on this beautiful planet. And I’m happy to have celebrated that today.


  1. Happy birthday, my lovely. I know what you mean about feeling more grown up as you approach 30. It seemed like everything changed for me when I turned 30 a couple of years ago. People even treat me differently, for some reason,

    It’s a nice feeling, having your sh together! I’m hoping that will happen for me one day!

  2. Happy Birthday! I am happy for you and your sense of serenity!!! It is a pass and go feeling for me. I just gave birth to my second child three months ago and still feel a little lost sometimes. But, as I have read with you and been told from others, it gets easier. So, thanks for continued inspiration and again, Happy Birthday!

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