Playa Peñitas

The day before I went into labor, our family took a little drive down to Las Peñitas for some surf and sun. Eva had fun combing the beach for treasure (she always finds the coolest things), and Damian had a blast just running around and being Damian. Little did we know it was our last little beach day as a family of four… Ariela would be joining us shortly after. It was a wonderful day…

Ariela Selah

She’s here! Ariela Selah was born in the water on August 24, 2017 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She’s healthy and lovely as can be. I’m excited to share her birthing experience and what life has been like as a mother of three. For now I’m going to enjoy these cozy newborn snuggles. ♥

Right Place, Right Time

Yesterday we went on a little surf adventure and headed South from Puerto Vallarta. We took the narrow, windy Mexi 200 South through the luscious green mountains of Jalisco. After about an hour or so, we found a dirt road supposedly leading to the beach. We turned right and followed it for another half hour. When we arrived, we were bummed to find small small waves. Just when we were about to leave, our luck turned around. A group of baby Sea Turtles had just hatched and ready for their first journey to the sea. We were able to help the baby turtles on their journey, keeping them safe from the lurking birds and other hunters. It was a magical experience, and a beautiful omen for the baby to be. 🙂

39 Weeks

39 Weeks! No signs of baby coming any time soon. I’m feeling fabulous now that I’m in Mexico. I went from tired and ouch to revived and energized. Amazing how a place can do that to you. I’m ready! Any day now!!