10 Things to do in Tanzania

I finally compiled a list of some of my favorite (but accessible) things to do in Tanzania. This is more for people visiting the Dar es Salaam area rather than the Arusha area. I don’t think people realize how much there is to do on our side of the country. […]

The Things I’ll Miss

I’ll miss the colors. Everywhere you turn in Tanzania you’ll find a rainbow of kangas and kitenges, whether they are being worn as garments or baby carriers or thrown over a clothes line to dry. I’ll miss being constantly impressed by the new things I see women balancing on their […]

Toys for Tots at The Baobab Home

Last weekend finally felt like Christmas. I was beyond stoked to be able to return to The Baobab Home, an orphanage I visited when I first came to Tanzania.┬áThe purpose for our visit was to do a little volunteer work that we’ve been promising/meaning to do forever, and also to […]

Wordless Wednesday: Village Museum. Again.

I’ve already written about the Village Museum, an outdoor museum in Dar showcasing different types of traditional housing in Tanzania. But back in October when my friend Marisa was here, we visited the Village Museum again, this time with Evita. I wanted to share a few pictures from our day, so […]