no alcohol and no music

We just got back from venturing into downtown Dar to eat at a restaurant. It was the first time I’ve been outside what’s known as “the penninsula,” which is where most of the expats from America, Canada, England, South Africa, and Australia live. The place was an open-air Indian restaurant […]

sleep… or lack thereof

It has been a rough week for me in the sleep department. The jet lag has been brutal. Tanzania is 9 hours later than Texas and 12 hours past Hawaii time. Even though I’ve almost been this far out of my time zone when visiting the Philippines and Europe, I’ve […]

Finally… Internet!!!

  Well I FINALLY have internet, and let me just say… not having internet for over a week is not nearly as refreshing or romantic as people say it is. In fact, I’m surprised I didn’t go completely insane because of it. Anyway, I’m happy to be back on the […]