Ariela Selah: 4 Months

Ariela Selah, You’re now four months old! You’re becoming more and more aware of everything around you and I love to watch you grow. You’re really starting to get sick of lying on your back and you take every opportunity to roll to your belly. You moving your little hands […]

Ariela Selah: 3 Months

Ariela Selah, You’re now three months old and leaving the sleepy newborn stage behind. You finally have some little rolls in your thighs and your cheeks are so plump and kissable- all on mama’s milk! I’ve managed to [barely] keep up my pumping supply while I’m at work while cherishing […]

Ariela Selah: Two Months

Baby Ariela, Today you are two months old! It has been a busy month for us. I started back up at work and we’ve been transitioning into a new routine. It’s sooo hard for me to be away from you, but you seem to be handling it well. You stay […]