Cloth Diapering

Thanks to my friend Gina, who sent me a couple of cloth diapers all the way from Japan so that I could try them out, I’m hooked on cloth diapering. Well, sort of. I still only have the two she sent me, so I can’t do it 24/7… BUT, I’m […]

Happiest Baby on the Block

This is going to sound like a sponsored review but it’s totally not. Now that my baby girl is just a few days away from turning 3 months old, I’d like to share what I think might have a lot to do with why I have such an awesome baby. […]

The Nursery

Well I was supposed to be posting this last Friday, the day I finished the nursery, but baby Eva had other plans for me. So here it is… the completed nursery. It may not be HGTV material, but hey, we’re on a budget and we’re leaving this house in 4 […]