Throwback Thursday: Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove is a little island off the coast of Boracay. It was one of my favorite places I visited in the Philippines. While on the island, I felt like I was in some section of Disney World… everything just seemed so unreal (this seems to be a reoccurring theme […]

Throwback Thursday: Mount Lubo

Soon after arriving in Boracay, some guys on the beach were advertising a go-cart tour of the island and Mount Lubo, the highest point on Boracay. We thought it sounded fun, so we went for it. We hopped in a gocart and were led up the mountain by two guys […]

Throwback Thursday: Getting to Boracay

There are a bunch of stories I can/will tell about Boracay, but getting there is one in itself. It’s one  of those taxi/airplane/boat/motorcycle-sidecar type of deals. Our journey started in Manila at the domestic airport. Apparently their version of TSA is just as invasive as ours. Men and women stand in different […]