Nursing Pillow Comparisons: Boppy, Gia, and Milk Maid

When Damian was born our stuff hadn’t yet arrived from Tanzania. Along with our shipment was my Boppy, the only nursing pillow I had at the time. Those first few weeks of nursing were so rough… I couldn’t wait for its arrival. When it finally arrived nursing became so much […]

I Support Breastfeeding in Public

There have been a few articles floating around about breastfeeding in public (like this one). A friend of mine recently told me she doesn’t feel comfortable nursing in public, and that she has gone to a bathroom to nurse before. This bothered me in a way that I can’t explain… […]

Breastfeeding: My First Six Weeks

Yesterday marked my first six weeks of breastfeeding, and I wanted to write a bit about it to share my experience. Although it may seem like it at first, I don’t intend to scare anyone away who might be considering it; rather, I’m writing this to encourage those who are […]