Italy 2013: Duomo di Milano

I was completely enamored with the Milan Cathedral. Back in my Catholic school days, one of my junior high classes was dedicated entirely to the history and architecture of Catholic churches, cathedrals, and basilicas. This happens to be one of the largest (and most beautiful) cathedrals in the world, and […]

Italy 2013: Milan

We honestly probably wouldn’t have visited Milan but for one of our really good friends here in Dar that happens to be from there, and our mutual friend that still lives there. I’m glad we did. The city is very unique and has a lot to offer. My favorite part […]

Drive-thru Slovenia

So we didn’t spend much time at all in Slovenia, but we did take a few sightseeing detours and hopped out of the car for pictures. Driving through Slovenia was one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever been on- definitely on this particular trip. I didn’t notice any signs […]

Rovinj, Croatia

I’ve always been extremely interested in my family history. It’s hard to keep up with sometimes because, like your typical American, they come from soooo may different places. One family line that has always kept their history alive is the Champion, or Campeoni family. The Champions came from Rovinj, Croatia, […]