Evita Pilar, Today you are three years old. THREE. It has been three years since I first felt your tiny hand clasp around my finger, three years since I first kissed your chubby little cheeks, and three years since I first looked into your beautiful eyes. It has been three […]

Letters to Eva, v. 35

Dear Baby, To continue the countdown, in less than one month, you will be THREE. Ohmygoodness. I really need to buckle down on your birthday party planning. I think you would be better at it than I am. You regularly host tea parties with your stuffed animals, assigning them roles and duties. You do […]

Letters to Eva, v. 34

  My Sweet Baby Eva, You’ve really enjoyed your first full month living in Texas. From our daily walk to the beach or weekly sleepovers with your grandparents, you’re having the time of your life. We’ve started doing a lot of map work and learning about the continents and places […]

Letters to Eva, v. 32

Dear Eva, I always feel like I have a million things to write in these letters but the moment I sit down my mind goes blank. Almost everyday I’m experience moments where I’m like, “Quick! I need to write this down before I forget.” But then I tell myself I […]