Expat Diaries: Kanga Wars

For this month’s “Expat Diaries” I just wanted to share a short and simple story I [think I] forgot to share here before. It happened on my trip to Zanzibar. Zanzibar is predominately Muslim. And when I say predominately, I mean 99% of the population is Muslim. While most of […]

The Expat Diaries: Home?

How do you define home? This might be the toughest question in the world for nomads. Is it the place you’ve spent the most time? Is it where you live now? Is it your favorite place you’ve lived? Is it where your family is? For me, home is none of […]

Tanzania, One Year Later

Today marks one year since my family of three said our goodbyes to friends, family, and everything that was familiar to us and embarked on our journey to Africa. I remember anxiously sitting in the airport, and then plane (and then another couple of airports and another couple of planes) […]

Expat Diaries: Pregnant in Tanzania

Upon moving to Tanzania, I was told NEVER to ask a woman if she is pregnant- huge cultural taboo. Unlike the United States, this custom wasn’t invented for vanity reasons. In Tanzania, 83,000 newborns die each year. Each year, 13,000 women die during childbirth. Pregnancy complications account for 20% of all deaths of […]