Throwback Thursday: Tortuga

While studying abroad in the Galapagos we took a short boat ride to Isla Tortuga to see the frigate birds mating. The island was speckled with dots of red from these birds. It was pretty awesome. We also snorkeled off the island. We saw a few reef shark, lobitos, and other […]

Caving Galapagos

 Do you know what gives me a bigger adrenaline rush than dropping in on a wave a little too steep for me or even jumping out of an airplane? Caves. It’s not entirely strange that I can feel my heart pounding in my chest whenever I’m hiking through one. Caves […]

Throwback Thursday: Los Tuneles

One of my favorite places in the Galapagos Islands is Los Tuneles (or “The Tunnels”). The place is a maze of lava tunnels about an hour or so (by boat) from Puerto Villamil. We visited Los Tuneles a few times while I was there, in order to do some snorkeling […]

Throwback Thursday: Floreana Pirate Caves

Throwback Thursday is a way to document pre-blogging life. While studying abroad in the Galapagos, we made a trip to Isla Floreana to study the wild tortoises and other critters for my Evolutionary Biology class. The island was about a 2 1/2 hour boat ride from mine, and I’m so […]