Back to Maunawili

I couldn’t visit Oahu without taking a little walk on one of my favorite trails, Maunawili Falls. It’s an easy hike on the East Side leading to a watering hole and nice little waterfall to jump from. So many beautiful things to see and hear and smell and feel. I got there early […]

Kaiwa Ridge Trail

It’s Aloha Friday! I thought I’d share more Hawaii pics. Kaiwa Ridge Trail is a fun little hike on the East Side of Oahu overlooking Lanikai. On my last trip to the islands I took a nice solo barefoot hike up there to watch the sunrise. Here are few things […]

4/20 Wedding on North Shore

A year ago today, on 4/20/2016, I attended the most beautiful wedding (and also the first wedding in my adulthood that I’ve ever attended). It was on North Shore, Oahu for two friends I met while living there. Pictures from that day popped up on my Facebook “On this Day” Feed, […]

10 Things to do on Oahu away from Waikiki

Whenever I visit a place I try and avoid the tourist-saturated places as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, the tourists are probably there for a reason, and Waikiki is no exception. Waikiki offers beautiful scenery, great nightlife, shopping, and lots of things to do. But if you visit […]