Throwback Thursday: Akaka Falls

I love waterfalls. I miss rainy mornings on Oahu, when water flows into countless waterfalls down the Ko’olaus. I especially miss hiking to waterfalls, and jumping from them. When Eva was the tiniest bean in my belly, I visited Akaka Falls. You don’t have to trek through the rainforest to catch a […]

Throwback Thursday: Papakolea Green Sand Beach

I’m going to feed my Hawaii homesickness today and reminisce about Papakolea for this week’s Throwback Thursday. Papakolea, also known as Green Sand Beach, is located on the southernmost portion of the Big Island. It was formed by the eroding of a cinder cone. The green sand comes from olivine, […]

Throwback Thursday: Mauna Kea at Dusk

 When I was on Mauna Kea I felt like I was on Mars. The limited light cast the bare soil in a deep shade of red. The sky was bright orange, but only up to the cloud’s horizon. The skyline was dotted with crazy-looking satellites and telescopes. I had studied […]