Back to Maunawili

I couldn’t visit Oahu without taking a little walk on one of my favorite trails, Maunawili Falls. It’s an easy hike on the East Side leading to a watering hole and nice little waterfall to jump from. So many beautiful things to see and hear and smell and feel. I got there early […]

Kaiwa Ridge Trail

It’s Aloha Friday! I thought I’d share more Hawaii pics. Kaiwa Ridge Trail is a fun little hike on the East Side of Oahu overlooking Lanikai. On my last trip to the islands I took a nice solo barefoot hike up there to watch the sunrise. Here are few things […]

Safari, Part Two: Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Although our intentions were to visit Udzungwa Mountains National Park, we followed some cleverly placed signs to Udzungwa Falls Lodge, which we later learned isn’t actually part of the national park (typical). Regardless, I really have no complaints. We were still able to hike through the Udzungwa Mountains to a […]