Legalize Stairway to Heaven

I’ve posted about one of my favorite hikes, Haiku Stairs aka Stairway to Heaven, before, but it has been coming up in the news lately so I thought I’d call attention to it (and share a few more pictures). The reason it has been the topic of conversation is that […]

Joshua Tree National Park

One of the few non-terrible things about living in 29 Palms, CA was that we lived off the same road as the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park. It was actually a pretty nice place to do some hiking and rock climbing if it wasn’t 120 degrees outside. When there, […]

Maunawili Falls

Maunawili is probably the trail I’ve spent the most time on. It is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness so it’s where I take all my couch surfers (or guest room surfers now that we’ve moved up in this world… hah). I’ve lost count of the amount of […]

Eva’s First Hike

Last Saturday we took Evita on her first hike ever. It was absolutely fabulous to be up in the mountains again. I missed them terribly. The hike is called “Olomana” or “Three Peaks.” Getting to the first peak requires “intermediate” hiking ability (you have to do a bit of rock […]