Evita Pilar, Today you are FIVE years old! I’m continually in awe of the beautiful little lady you are becoming. You’re sweet and empathetic, wise and overstanding. If I knew any better I’d say you’ve been around this world for 5 thousand years, not just five. In just a few […]


Evita Pilar, Today you are three years old. THREE. It has been three years since I first felt your tiny hand clasp around my finger, three years since I first kissed your chubby little cheeks, and three years since I first looked into your beautiful eyes. It has been three […]

Letters to Eva, v. 32

Dear Eva, I always feel like I have a million things to write in these letters but the moment I sit down my mind goes blank. Almost everyday I’m experience moments where I’m like, “Quick! I need to write this down before I forget.” But then I tell myself I […]

Letters to Eva, v.31

Dear Evita, I think this is the first letter since you’ve been born that has been late. On the day I usually write this, we were still in Jamaica soaking up the sun and splashing in the warm ocean. You were back in your element, and my heart was so […]