two and a half.

Evita Pilar, Today you are officially two-and-a-half. But when we ask you, you still say you’re thirteen. Sometimes I look at you, and then your little brother, and I think about what you were like when you were his age. It’s hard to imagine you were ever that tiny; but […]

Letters to Eva v.28

Evita Pilar, You’re getting soooo good at art and coloring and tracing things. We’ve been working on lines and shapes and you’re really getting the hang of it. I still can’t leave you alone with a set of crayons, though, or they’ll be all over the walls and tables. This month […]

Letters To Eva v.27

Evita Pilar, Just another quick letter to check in. This has been a pretty fun month for us. We finally made it to Virginia Beach, and you were so happy to get your toes in the sand again. The water, however, was much too cold for a dip. You were […]


Dear Evita, Although I stopped doing your official monthly updates when you turned two, I’ve decided I still want to write a little letter to you at least once a month. Every month you grow and change and there are so many things I never want to forget. Like when […]