A Letter to a Soon-to-be Big Sister

My Evita Pilar, Any day now you’ll officially earn the title “Big Sister,” though I have been calling you that for months. I’ve been trying so hard to prepare you for all the changes you’re about to experience. I’ve been reading you stories, letting you feel my belly, reminding you […]

Eva: Two Years

My sweet little baby, Just like that, you are TWO YEARS old. And just like I was last year on this day, I’m a weepy emotional mess. Don’t get me wrong– I love that you’re two years old. I love that I can have conversations with you, teach you things, […]

Eva: 23 Months

Dear Evita, You’ve arrived in your final month before you turn two. It’ll be the last month I refer to your age in “months” and the last month I can really get away with calling you a baby. As always, you’ve gone through a lot of changes this month. A […]

Eva: 22 Months

Evita Pilar, You are two months away from turning two. Our little family is in the midst of a lot of changes. We’re currently packing up our house for our big move to Virginia. You’re pretty stoked about all the boxes everywhere. You wander around from box to box with […]