Mexico City

On our way to the Coast we had an unexpected overnight layover in Mexico City. Our first plane was delayed due to fog, and instead of putting us on one of the three later flights for the second leg of our trip, AeroMexico forced us to spend the night in […]

Feliz Navidad 2017

We spent another Christmas in Mexico, spending lots of quality time together and surfing the warm Pacific waves. It’s hard to believe that this exact time last year I felt the first signs of a tiny baby growing in my belly. Now she’s here, growing our family with love. Whenever […]

La Ticla

About a week after Ariela was born we decided we were ready to head South to Guerrero, where Ryan’s family has a home. We piled in the Silverado for the 12-hour drive, and decided to make quick stop halfway through in La Ticla, a world-famous surf spot in Michoacan, Mexico. […]

Ariela’s First Beach Day

About a week after Ariela was born we were finally done running around Puerto Vallarta getting her papers in order. I was sooo ready to get to the beach! It was a gray, cloudy day and the whole family ventured down the hill to a little beach tucked away in […]