Maunawili Falls

Maunawili is probably the trail I’ve spent the most time on. It is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness so it’s where I take all my couch surfers (or guest room surfers now that we’ve moved up in this world… hah). I’ve lost count of the amount of […]

North Beach

Hands down, the place I’ll miss the most while I’m away from Hawaii is North Beach. Also known as “Officers,” this spot is located on the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base. The main reason I love this place is because there are waves almost every day of the year. The […]

Puu O Mahuka Heiau

One of my favorite places on Oahu is the Puu O Mahuka Heiau. I can’t remember whether I learned about this place through a friend or through one of my Hawaiian Studies courses, but I was exploring North Shore on my own one day when I decided to have a […]

Valley of the Temples

As I’ve mentioned before, I think I have a strong sense of “place” as a geographer (but maybe everybody does??). I can’t help but attach fervid meanings to certain places. I like to think about them and write about them. There are a lot of spots I’ve grown attached to […]