Franklin Swell

Last week was a fun one. Hurricane Franklin hit just South of us in Mexico, providing some swell that is rare for Texas in the summer. The highlight of my week was watching Damian catch his first waves. At the beginning of the summer he was so hesitant. We didn’t […]

Summer Daze

August has arrived and Summer seems to be wrapping up around our little island. The days are getting shorter. Kids are starting to start school back up. It almost never even felt like summer now that I work a 9 to 5. But we made it to the beach as […]

Week in Pictures

We had a wonderful week with gorgeous weather. Evita loves spending her days in the sand and Damian loves walking around like a big boy. My favorite portraits from last week’s collection were this one and this one. Damian is starting to show signs of understanding more and more words […]