Throwback Thursday: Hurricane Dolly

Since 2006, I have been through a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in Hawaii, crazy wildfires in San Diego County, a volcanic eruption in the Galapagos Islands, a category 2 hurricane in Texas, and two tsunamis in Hawaii. That’s pretty exciting stuff for a geography geek. Hurricane Dolly made landfall on South […]

Gone Fishin’

Early Friday morning we took Eva out for her first bona fide fishing trip. She had been on many boat rides since she was just four days old, but bay fishing in Hawaii just isn’t as good as it is in Texas. We went out with Eva’s Auntie Sheala andUncle […]

Pooltime at Grandpa’s!

On Monday afternoon Evita went swimming with her Grandpa and Uncle Ryan. The pool was very warm- perfect for baby E. She worked on floating, holding her breath underwater, and hanging on to the side of the pool. Here are a few pictures… ♥

Throwback Thursday: Texas Summers

Summertime is Texas time for me. Here’s what a typical day looks like… Morning Are you kidding me? It’s summer. We’re not awake yet…. and this is coming from a normally super early riser (I’m talking 5 or 6am- 7 or 8am is normally “sleeping in” for me). It’s just […]