Miércoles – Jumatano – Wednesday

Since I probably won’t be able to post this on the weekend because of my upcoming trip, I thought I’d just share a few pictures from our week so far… Wordless Wednesday style, though I’ve already ruined that with some words… Saturday A far away picture of me surfing the […]

la semana pasada

She’s always stealing my chanclas. I heart nap time. “And all they ask is why I wear these glasses…” Selena Cat. A  collaborative piece. She sticks her tongue out when she’s drawing, just like mama. Ugh, stupid iPad resolution. Love the arches on my home. Left: Lunch Time, Right: She […]


Today’s portrait-of-the-week was taken from a safari truck in Mikumi National Park. Yes, those are wild giraffes! People from anywhere in Africa might be like, yeah, whatever… but words cannot express how stoked we were to see them! This has probably been the best week for us since we’ve been […]

Mission: Surf Tanzania

We caught our first glimpse of swell at the beaches down the street. The waves were well overhead and very surfable. However, there were no surfers in the lineup- something that can either be interpreted as either super awesome or super scary. The beach breaks with the best waves are […]