Weekend Recap

On Saturday I woke up and worked on some TX Evidence & Procedure practice tests then headed to the east side for some surf! The waves were small but it was a beautiful day. Eva loved it, as always. I’m so grateful that she doesn’t mind letting her mommy surf for […]

Mom Would Go.

 I knew I wanted this sticker one day since I first saw it on my friend’s mom’s car when I was a grom back at the Jetties (our home surf break back in Texas). I was a veeerrry long way from even thinking about being a mom, but I knew […]

Surfing for Two

Had a blast this afternoon! I’m trying to savor surfing as much as possible because I probably won’t be able to for a while once I get a baby belly. It’s already getting hard for me to paddle back out after a wave because I get tired and breathless so […]