10 Things to do in Tanzania

I finally compiled a list of some of my favorite (but accessible) things to do in Tanzania. This is more for people visiting the Dar es Salaam area rather than the Arusha area. I don’t think people realize how much there is to do on our side of the country. […]

Expat Diaries: Kanga Wars

For this month’s “Expat Diaries” I just wanted to share a short and simple story I [think I] forgot to share here before. It happened on my trip to Zanzibar. Zanzibar is predominately Muslim. And when I say predominately, I mean 99% of the population is Muslim. While most of […]

The Things I’ll Miss

I’ll miss the colors. Everywhere you turn in Tanzania you’ll find a rainbow of kangas and kitenges, whether they are being worn as garments or baby carriers or thrown over a clothes line to dry. I’ll miss being constantly impressed by the new things I see women balancing on their […]

Toys for Tots at The Baobab Home

Last weekend finally felt like Christmas. I was beyond stoked to be able to return to The Baobab Home, an orphanage I visited when I first came to Tanzania.┬áThe purpose for our visit was to do a little volunteer work that we’ve been promising/meaning to do forever, and also to […]