Throwback Thursday: Blowholes

A lot of people stop by Halona Blowhole or “Blowholes” when driving along the East Side of Oahu, but most only watch from above without bothering to venture down and check it out. There happens to be a beautiful cove below the lookout. If you’ve seen the movie “50 First […]

TT: Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

This week marks one year since I started doing Throwback Thursday posts. I never thought I’d have enough posts to fill up a whole year (granted I skipped a few Thursdays here and there). I don’t plan on stopping until I run out of pictures or stories to tell. I […]

Throwback Thursday: Malama na Honu

Did you spot the sea turtle in that picture? Maybe not, because this photo was taken five years ago when camera phones were first starting to get decent. I don’t remember what kind of phone I had, but I assure you it was one of the ones that come for […]