39 Weeks

39 Weeks! No signs of baby coming any time soon. I’m feeling fabulous now that I’m in Mexico. I went from tired and ouch to revived and energized. Amazing how a place can do that to you. I’m ready! Any day now!!

36 Weeks

36 Weeks today! I feel much larger than I did with the last two babies. Other than that, my symptoms are the same… achy back, sore ribs…. Pregnancy is definitely starting to get uncomfortable!

19 Weeks

We’re almost halfway there! I’ve been feeling lots of little flutters in my belly, and Ryan has been feeling some from the outside too. <3 It’s such an amazing experience to share with him. Today we put an offer in on a house! The nesting stage has begun. Fingers are […]


Lately I feel I’m in constant motion, moving from one project to the next, flowing like a stream across a beautiful landscape. Some days seem overwhelming- but they always manage to pour out like a waterfall into a gentle pool, allowing for a few moments of tranquility before carrying on towards […]