Back To My Roots

I am no longer a blonde. My roots were getting out of control, and to minimize hair dying while pregnant I decided to go brunette. My hair has never actually been this dark in my life (my roots have always been darker than the rest of my hair), but I […]

I gotta pee!

Fat Mike must have written this song when he was pregnant: So far this is my main symptom. I wake up several times a night when I get up to go. Other than that, my boobies have started becoming really sore. Also, I get this annoying metallic taste in my […]

Womanly instinct?

So I was on the treadmill at the gym today and one of the older local surfers that works there who always chit chats with me asked if we were going to get wasted at Bayfest this weekend. (Bayfest is an annual festival at the Marine Corps base where there […]

First Doctor Visit

Went to the doctor today! After confirming my pregnancy via a blood test at the lab I met with the nurse and she went over a bunch of stuff with me. She said that based on the start of my last period I am about 6 weeks pregnant and my […]