Mom Would Go.

 I knew I wanted this sticker one day since I first saw it on my friend’s mom’s car when I was a grom back at the Jetties (our home surf break back in Texas). I was a veeerrry long way from even thinking about being a mom, but I knew that sticker described my future mom-ness and I would totally be sporting it one day.
The sticker is a play off the phrase “Eddie Would Go,” which describes the late Hawaiian surfer Eddie Aikau. He was one of the first surfers to charge the big waves of Hawaii back when there were only dirt roads to North Shore and no lifeguards to save you. (In fact, he became one of the first lifeguards.) The phrase refers to a fateful day when he set sail on a traditionally-built replica of a double-hull canoe the ancient Hawaiians sailed to Hawaii on from Tahiti. He and his crew were going to reenact the path their ancestors took thousands of years ago. Not long after the crew set sail, they hit a rough patch of swell and weather and the boat capsized. They had no way to alert anyone of their condition, but they could faintly see the island of Kaua’i in the distance. As the crew hung on for their lives, Eddie hopped on his surfboard and decided he was going to paddle to land for help. Meanwhile, an airplane spotted the crew from overhead and they were eventually helped. Eddie, on the other hand, was never found. He became a hero to Hawaiians and surfers everywhere, not only for his fearlessness in charging big waves, but because he gave his life to try and help his friends. Now, when the surf gets over 40 feet in Waimea Bay (which is huge & doesn’t happen often), Quiksilver holds a memorial surf contest in honor of Eddie Aikau. Many surfers remember him every day with an “Eddie Would Go” bumper sticker on their car. (I recommend reading the whole story in “Eddie Would Go” by Stuart Holmes Coleman if you’re interested. Great book.)
I may not charge 40-foot waves on North Shore, but I hope to never stop surfing until I break a hip or die or something, and I know I’ll be the kind of mom who will lift school buses for my babies. I’d already do anything for Eva and I haven’t even met her yet. I can’t believe I’m a mom now (some would say soon-to-be) and I can’t believe I’m actually sporting this sticker on my truck that I first saw over ten years ago. Life is pretty crazy.

35 Weeks

Size of baby: 5-6 pounds and about 20 inches (honeydew melon)
Symptoms: I’ve been peeing a lot & have terrible pain under my ribs again. ugh..
Fetal Movement: lots of wiggling and pushing. I love watching my belly change shapes.
Sleep: Terrible as usual.
Cravings: I didn’t really have any this week either. Now that I think about it I could use a huge papas con huevo tortilla from Manuel’s right now.
Aversions: I tried sniffing the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter at the store the other day to see if I could tolerate it now because it’s much cheaper than the Bio Oil I use, but it still makes me wanna yak.
Belly button: Very stretched out and shallow. I’m really glad I invested in that maternity belly button ring.
What I Miss: Yes, I’m starting to answer this question again because the end of this pregnancy is so close that I can taste the spicy tuna roll and Monster I’m going to indulge in as soon as I give birth. I just can’t wait to surf again. I keep having dreams about it that make me feel so bummed when I wake up and know that I can’t.
Best Moment this Week: I found some time to swim in the ocean this week and it felt absolutely wonderful. It made me miss surfing so much, but it was nice to be in the cool salty water in the warm sunshine again. It had been too long.
What I Look Forward To: Doctor’s appointment, tomorrow! Woohoo! I’ll finally get my “stork pass” for the hospital so that I can park right up front.

Legally Pregnant

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked lately is how the heck I’m going to finish law school when I’m having a baby half-way through my last semester, so I thought I’d write a bit about what it’s like to be “legally pregnant.” A friend of mine jokingly described me that way (as in the movie “Legally Blonde” if you don’t get the reference). I actually considered changing the name of this blog to that (and still entertain the idea) but so far I’ve decided to keep it “Mi Todo,” even if 80% of the people who stumble across this blog don’t know what it means.
Anyway, so far being pregnant hasn’t affected my studies in any major way. Some days exhaustion has gotten the best of me and I’ve fallen asleep halfway through my readings, but I figure that just makes me more like the average law student. I also have to leave class to pee at least once per class (sometimes twice, but I usually force myself to hold it if I’ve already gotten up).
Right now I’m taking 5 classes for 13 credits total. Luckily, my law school allows you to take up to 6 credits as “credit/no credit” during your 3 years, which means you don’t have to worry about getting an “A” in the class, you just have to worry about passing. I hadn’t used any so I’m able to take Negotiable Instruments and Family Law credit/no credit. Also, the Professional Responsibility class I’m taking is credit/no credit for everyone, which leaves me with only two of five classes that I have to worry about getting an A in this semester (Criminal Procedure and Negotiation).
My plan is to have my baby and get back to class as soon as possible. The day after I’m discharged from the hospital, even. I know it sounds crazy to most people, but I really think I can do it. Here’s the deal- Eva is due March 11. I don’t know exactly when she’ll come, but I know she’ll be here before March 21st. My hospital doesn’t allow babies to go more than 1.5 weeks past due. My mum will be here from March 10 to March 17 and I have Spring Break from March 24 to April 1. Assuming that Eva isn’t more than 10 days early, there shouldn’t be any reason I can’t go to school (once I’m discharged from the hospital).
Yes, I know it will be extremely difficult for me to leave my precious newborn for a few hours a day, but law schools don’t let you skip class for anything so I’m just going to have to suck it up. And yes, I know I’ll be extremely exhausted and probably slightly delusional in class, but the fact that I check my name on the attendance sheet makes all the difference in the world. I have to admit, I have a pretty short attention span to begin with so I end up having to teach myself the entire course a few days before the final anyway and so far it has worked out for me. In preparation for my soon to be ridiculously busy life, I’ve been trying to get most of my readings done in advance so I’ll have little to no homework to do once Eva is here.
I think I’ll be okay. I hope I’m not wrong. I guess we’ll find out in the next month or so when I become “legally mom.”