Baby Shower

I know this post comes really late (my shower was over a month ago) but I wanted to gather as many pictures as I could before I posted. I still haven’t got the pictures from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law’s cameras so I’ll just post what I have so far and maybe update it later.
My baby shower was a blast! There were almost 100 people there and Eva got TONS of stuff. I would love to take a picture of everything but I’ll save the surprise for when she actually gets to use them/wear them. With the money we received we were able to purchase Eva’s crib, car seat/stroller, and high chair too.
I’m beyond grateful for the generosity of my friends and family. I don’t think they’ll ever know how much easier preparing for Eva’s arrival has been because of them. We’re truly blessed.





32 Weeks

Size of baby: 17-19 inches and about 4.5 lbs. About the size of a jicama.
Symptoms: Well the rib pain hasn’t been bad this week. I wonder if that means my baby dropped a bit? The back pain is still in full force. 🙁 I haven’t had much heartburn or anything like that, so that’s good. What’s weird is that after about 5p.m. or so I completely lose my appetite. It’s really difficult for me to eat dinner. My weight gain is right on track, though, so I think I’m eating enough food in the morning and lunchtime to make up for it.
Fetal Movement: Lots of stretching and pushing. I feel her moving for a lot longer periods of time. Before I’d feel her for a few minutes or so and then she’d chill out for a while but now it seems like she can go a half-hour or so just constantly moving.
Sleep: Do we even need to go there? I don’t think I’ll be getting a full night’s sleep for years now.
Best Moment this Week: This is a tough one! There were a lot of great baby moments this week. On Monday I had my OB checkup and I got to hear Eva’s heartbeat again. The doctor didn’t check the position or anything this time, which  I was kind of bummed about. On Wednesday I had my Labor & Delivery tour which I posted about here. And finally, we’ve been working on the nursery all week! The new crib is set up and the walls are painted. It’s not even close to being finished but I’ll post a sneak peak soon. 🙂
What I Look Forward To: Childbirth classes start next week!!! I’m SO excited. I’m also excited about continuing to work on the nursery. My last semester of law school starts next week too, so it will probably be a slow process from here on out. I only have 2 days left to myself with no school and no baby, ever.
Hey look, I do brush my hair! (sometimes…)


What’s in a name?


We’ve been calling our baby girl “Eva” for weeks now, but I wanted to post an “official” name announcement and explain the reasons and meanings behind her name.
Baby Eva’s full first name is Evangelina.
Evangelina means “messenger of the good news” or “angel.”
Eva is also the Spanish way to say “Eve” (as in Adam and Eve).
Famous people with this name:
It seems that everyone with the name Eva is gorgeous, but I’m certain baby Eva will be even more beautiful. 🙂
For Eva’s middle name I searched on my side of the family tree.
Pilar was my father’s great-great-great-grandmother.
Pilar means “pillar” in Spanish, which may not seem all that exciting, but it’s significance comes from La Virgen del Pilar (aka Our Lady of the Pillar), the patroness of Spain and the Hispanic peoples. You can read more about her here.
I’ve always loved artwork and stories about the Virgin Mary so it’s perfect.
Famous people with this name: Pilar Montenegro
Pilar is also a character in a book by Ernest Hemingway: For Whom the Bell Tolls. I haven’t read it but maybe I should!

Labor and Delivery Tour

So everyone talks about this moment pregnant women experience when they realize “Oh crap. I’m going to push a baby out of me. And soon.” For me, that was today during my Labor & Delivery tour. Until today, people have asked me if I’m nervous and I’ve often replied with a “yes,” but mostly only because I figure I’m supposed to feel nervous. But the second I stepped foot in one of the delivery rooms, possibly even the one my baby will be born in, the real terror hit me like a ton of bricks. 
There it was- the hospital bed with those stirrup things and a squat bar. It was covered in what looks like a giant maxi pad. I guess that’s what will be absorbing all the “bonus” stuff that comes out of me along with the baby. Nice. Next to it was a bunch of medical equipment and a little screen that will be used to measure contractions and monitor the fetus.
My fears were eased a little when the nurse giving the tour started talking about the perks of the room. For example, the bathroom has a private jacuzzi that I can labor in if I don’t want to be in the scary bed. Additionally, after my baby is born she will pretty much be in the same room as me the whole time I’m there. The room is equipped with all the testing and monitoring equipment so the baby won’t be whisked off to a hospital nursery moments after I pop her out. Instead, she’ll immediately be placed on my chest so that she can absorb my body heat, inhale my scent, hear my familiar voice, and make an easier transition to life outside the womb. Since I will probably spend a night or two in the hospital, there is a little bassinet the baby can sleep in right next to me all night (or in 45 minute increments). 
I can also play my own “labor” music in the delivery room, which will almost certainly be Pennywise, the band that has gotten me through the most painful of my workouts and through all the ups and downs in my life for the past 10 years or so. With Pennywise playing, I can do anything. That information was probably the most comforting to me. 
After the Labor and Delivery tour, I was sent to the admissions office so that I can pre-register baby Eva and me in the hospital. There were just a few forms I had to fill out but I’m glad it’s taken care of now so that I don’t have to deal with it when I’m in labor. As far as that goes, Eva and I are all ready to go! She still needs about 8 weeks of growing in my belly to be perfectly healthy, though, so I’d prefer if she’d wait.
Next steps:
1) Take childbirth classes, which start next week!
2) Write a birth plan.