A Very Special Gift

I seriously thought that Christmas break would mean more time to blog, but I was mistaken! I’ve really been on-the-go since I arrived in Texas a week ago. My baby shower went great, and I really want to post about that but I’m waiting until I can compile the pictures from the different cameras that were there. I don’t really have many on mine. Still, I received one very special gift that I simply must post about. 
The gift was from my Mamo. The first thing she gave me was the tiny ring she wore when she was a baby. The second was the letters from the bracelet they gave my Daddy at the hospital when he was a baby to identify him. The third was a set of baby silverware she used to feed her babies with. I’m a sucker for sentimental things like these, so needless to say they were perfect. Here are some pictures:

Maybe one day I’ll be able to pass them on to my first granddaughter when she’s having a baby of her own. Until then, I’ll treasure them very dearly. 

28 Weeks

Size of baby: 2.5-3lbs and 17 inches- About the size of a Chinese cabbage
Symptoms: The heartburn was pretty much nonexistent this week but after that 8 hour plane ride my back has been destroyed for the past 3 days. 
Fetal Movement: lots and lots! love it!
Sleep: between the jet lag and sleeping in different beds, not so good.
Maternity Clothes: Shopping for maternity clothes was a bust. Maybe my belly isn’t big enough for maternity clothes yet but it all looks terrible on me. I’ll just stick to the same few outfits that still fit me for now I guess. 
Cravings: Well I’m finally getting my fill of Mexican food!
Best Moment of This Week: Getting to Texas and spending time with family! 

27 Weeks

Size of baby: 2.5lbs and 16 inches- about the size of a head of cauliflower
Symptoms: I’ve had pretty uncomfortable heartburn this week, and lots of backaches.
Fetal Movement: lots of kicking and turning… and hiccups! 🙂 Before I would only really feel it at night but now I feel it throughout the day too.
Sleep: I still get up a couple of times a night to pee. I guess that never really changed throughout the pregnancy. It’s still difficult to get comfortable at night. One thing I really don’t mind is Eva kicking away. In fact I really can’t relax until I feel a few jabs to let me know she’s okay.
Maternity Clothes: None yet (except for that shirt I wore on Halloween). My skate jeans still button but not my skinny jeans. Today I will be shopping for my first maternity clothes so that I’ll have stuff to wear in Texas.
Cravings: Nothing, really. I’ve been eating lots of peanut butter though.
Aversions: Nothing stands out this week
Best Moment This Week: Oh man! Where do I begin? Was it feeling baby Eva’s hiccups for the first time? Or was it crossing over to my Third Trimester & 7th Month of Pregnancy? This was a pretty good week for pregnancy.
What I Look Forward To: This time next week I’ll be making this post from TEXAS right before getting ready for my BABY SHOWER! Eeeeeeeee!
What I Miss: SURFING!!!!

2nd Trimester Recap

Today is the first day of my 3rd Trimester!
During My 2nd Trimester:
  • I found out that my sweet little baby is a GIRL!
  • I felt my baby tapping then squirming then kicking then break dancing!
  • I felt my baby hiccuping.
  • I did a little too much shopping!
  • Baby Eva began receiving her first gifts from her family and friends who live far away.
  • My belly grew exponentially. 
Besides the occasional heartburn and frequent backaches, I have felt pretty darn good throughout my second trimester. I still jog three miles almost every day and lift weights three or four days a week. Today I took my last final for the semester, which means I’m only one semester away from graduating law school. 
I can’t believe I only have 3 more months until I meet my sweet baby girl. When I get back from Texas in January I’ll start taking childbirth classes and decorating Eva’s nursery. I can’t wait! 
For all the inconveniences pregnancy creates, it is truly an amazing experience. Every time I feel Eva moving around it makes me smile so big and feel extraordinarily excited. I’m already so in love with her.
I hope my last trimester of pregnancy is as great as the first two were!