Back To My Roots

I am no longer a blonde.
My roots were getting out of control, and to minimize hair dying while pregnant I decided to go brunette. My hair has never actually been this dark in my life (my roots have always been darker than the rest of my hair), but I kind of like extreme, bold colors rather than colors in the middle. Anyway, I know this will fade (and fast, with how light it was before), so I guess I’ll just have to play what to do next by ear. Most doctors say they think it’s safe to color your hair while pregnant, but nobody knows for sure. I’m going to try to hold out as long as possible.

8 weeks

Me at 8 weeks:
I’m starting to get a little pooch!

Size of baby: 1/2 inch – About the size of a raspberry.

Sleep: I wake up at least 3 times a night to pee (SO annoying) & I have crazy weird dreams every night, mostly about Texas. 

What I miss: Monster Energy Drinks (I’ve never needed one more in my life, and I can’t have one!), SUSHI, Turkey Sandwiches, Four Lokos, and just about everything else I can’t have. 

Cravings: spicy thai food, burgers, rare steak (even though I can’t have that either)… NOT sweets… 

Symptoms: EXTREME fatigue, slight but not debilitating nausea in the mornings and when I’ve gone too long without eating, bloating

Best Moment this week: Turning in my final paper for one class and taking my final examination in another. I was so stressed that I would be too tired or sick to do so when the time came. Hopefully this first trimester ickyness will be over when the Fall semester starts. 

Surfing for Two

Had a blast this afternoon! I’m trying to savor surfing as much as possible because I probably won’t be able to for a while once I get a baby belly. It’s already getting hard for me to paddle back out after a wave because I get tired and breathless so quickly. It’ll be cool to tell my kid he/she has been surfing before he/she was born, though. Haha. <3

I gotta pee!

Fat Mike must have written this song when he was pregnant:
So far this is my main symptom. I wake up several times a night when I get up to go. Other than that, my boobies have started becoming really sore. Also, I get this annoying metallic taste in my mouth every now and then. So far no real morning sickness. I get a little queasy if I go too long without eating but I feel fine as soon as I get something in my belly.