Ariela’s First Beach Day

About a week after Ariela was born we were finally done running around Puerto Vallarta getting her papers in order. I was sooo ready to get to the beach! It was a gray, cloudy day and the whole family ventured down the hill to a little beach tucked away in the bay. Ariela and I relaxed under a big umbrella, while the kids worked on their paddling and found some treasures. It was perfect… I just wished I could get in the water! Still, little adventures like these help my body and mind recover after giving birth.

Ariela Selah: One Month

Ariela Selah,

It has been one month since you made your appearance earth side! You’ve had quite the adventure since then. Your first month was filled with activity, from our adventures trying to get your “papers,” to your first surf trip to La Ticla, to rest time at El Rancho and flying back to Texas. You’ve been a wonderful baby through it all. You spend a lot of time nursing, which I don’t mind… I’ll take all the cuddles I can get before I have to go back to work. You sleep pretty well- not through the night or anything like that, but enough that I don’t feel like a zombie or anything. When you’re awake, you’re very alert. Your big blue eyes take in all the new things to look at. Lately you’ve been giving us real smiles that just completely melt my heart. You’re intrigued by your big brother and sister and don’t mind watching or even sleeping through their loud, energetic activities. You love going to the beach and falling asleep to the sound of the waves. We’ve already dipped your little feet in the ocean. We can’t wait to get you on a surfboard! I hope you love it as much as we do. Either way, you’re the perfect addition to our family and we’re so happy you’re here.


Playa Peñitas

The day before I went into labor, our family took a little drive down to Las Peñitas for some surf and sun. Eva had fun combing the beach for treasure (she always finds the coolest things), and Damian had a blast just running around and being Damian. Little did we know it was our last little beach day as a family of four… Ariela would be joining us shortly after. It was a wonderful day…

Ariela Selah

She’s here! Ariela Selah was born in the water on August 24, 2017 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She’s healthy and lovely as can be. I’m excited to share her birthing experience and what life has been like as a mother of three. For now I’m going to enjoy these cozy newborn snuggles. ♥