Mexico City

On our way to the Coast we had an unexpected overnight layover in Mexico City. Our first plane was delayed due to fog, and instead of putting us on one of the three later flights for the second leg of our trip, AeroMexico forced us to spend the night in the City. Despite having enough seats available on later flights, with over four hours from the time we landed to the time the last plane left Mexico City, AeroMexico wouldn’t put us on the plane until the next morning, with no compensation for hotel or food during our layover. Their only explanation was that they didn’t have the code necessary to put us on the same-day flight, and the supervisor with the code was too busy to help us. It blows my mind how certain airlines get away with treating paying customers. We were all bummed to lose a day at the beach, and so incredibly tired from traveling, but we managed to make the most of it. We took a taxi to the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon and made it just in time to watch the sun go down and the moon come out. It’s something I have always wanted to see, but never wanted to take the time or money to do. So in a way, the inconvenient layover was meant to be.

Feliz Navidad 2017

We spent another Christmas in Mexico, spending lots of quality time together and surfing the warm Pacific waves. It’s hard to believe that this exact time last year I felt the first signs of a tiny baby growing in my belly. Now she’s here, growing our family with love. Whenever we’re all in this beautiful place together I feel as though we must be in Heaven. Why can’t we live like this every day? I always dread the day when our trip is over and we have to return to the 9 to 5 system of the Western culture, where our family is separated by school and work for the majority of the day and week. But these trips always refresh my vision. One day we’ll be free of bosses and paychecks and schedules. We’ll use our time to create, build, and surf. To be together, working four ourselves and our community. I’ll carry this dream to 2018, and continue to plant seeds and nurture the ones that are growing. I’ll continue to sing these songs of freedom, with love and hope for what’s to come. Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano.

Ariela Selah: 4 Months

Ariela Selah,

You’re now four months old! You’re becoming more and more aware of everything around you and I love to watch you grow. You’re really starting to get sick of lying on your back and you take every opportunity to roll to your belly. You moving your little hands and legs trying to scoot for whatever you see, but you can’t get very far yet. Still, I’m surprised at how much you like to be on your belly. You’re starting to play with toys, or at least grab them and put them in your mouth. You also enjoy trying to eat your feet. You’re still just on mama’s milk, though, and growing so very big! I love squeezing your little thunder thighs and kissing your lovely little cheeks. I love making you laugh and smile.

This month you went back to your home country to celebrate Christmas. It was your first time in the ocean and we christened you in the Sea. You don’t mind being in the water or even getting dunked. You’ll be surfing in no time! 🙂

I love you my princesa. Thank you for all the light and love you bring our little family.


Snow in South Texas!

This morning we woke to a lovely surprise… it was snowing! In South Texas! I think this is only like the third time in recorded history this has happened! The kids built a snowman before school and I took a few pictures before heading to work. Now, at lunchtime, it is STILL snowing! Unbelievable!