Magnetic Hill: Philippines

I’ve had a little writer’s block lately (and lack of time to brainstorm) so I thought I’d so something I haven’t done in a long time… a Throwback Thursday Travel post!


Today I’m reminiscin’ about a place in the Philippines called Magnetic Hill. We passed through there on a van trip from Manila to Pasanjan Falls. We were driving up steep hills overlooking beautiful green jungle when we started noticing signs for a “Magnetic Hill.” We saw one one depicting a little ramp and an arrow pointing up the ramp. That’s when the driver of the van stopped. He told us we were on a magnetic hill, and the power of the magnetic force at the top of the hill was strong enough to pull us up the hill. Then he put the van in neutral and, sure enough, the van was felt like it was being pulled uphill. It was insane! After a later google sesh, I learned that it was just an optical illusion. The road was very steep but had a slight downhill section not visible from the vehicle. Your brain thinks you’re going uphill when in reality you’re just rolling down a bit. Isn’t that strange? The magnetic force story was so believable. Here’s a YouTube video of someone demonstrating it with a water bottle:

Have you been to this place? How about a gravity hill somewhere else?


Processed with VSCOcam with c3 presetI haven’t blogged in forever, but I warned ya’ll that would happen! Life has been getting in the way.
Here’s a “currently” post to check in…

Loving: The fact that I’ve been surfing almost every single day for the past week and a half. It has been a long, long time since I’ve been able to surf this much, and I almost forgot how good it feels. I’m loving my new board and am already seeing improvements in my surfing. The only bad part is the reason I’m able to do this is because both my kids are in daycare/preschool now. I’ve been working at the courthouse in the mornings and heading straight to the beach afterwards to catch a few waves before picking up the kids. I know Eva is fine, but I still stress over Damian quite a bit. Not enough to stop me from surfing, obviously, but I really, really needed it back in my life. And I’m so glad it is.

Watching: I’ve recently watched a really fun series on Netflix. It’s called Grace & Frankie, and it’s about an unlikely pair of friends who are forced together after their husbands decided they are leaving their 70-year-old wives for each other. I don’t know why I started watching it, because at first glance it looks like it’s made for an older audience, but I LOVED it. Lily Tomlin’s character Frankie seems like the type of old lady I will be. I love her. And then of course I’ve been keeping up with my Scandal and Bates Motel on the television.

Listening To: Tribal Seeds radio station on Pandora. I’ve also been listening to a lot more Alkaline Trio than usual.

Looking Forward To: SUMMER! Mostly because my best friend Ashley will be in town for a couple of months. We haven’t lived in the same place for that long since high school, so I’m ridiculously excited. It’s going to be so nice to have a bestie nearby. I’m not looking forward to the surf being flat (minus a storm or two).

Daydreaming Of: A trip somewhere. I just need to collect enough money for daycare and a few other responsibilities before I can start saving for the next one…

Excited About: Summer tours. I need some shows in my life! Sage Francis will be passing through my area(ish) and I’m sure a few other artists I love will be here too. Too bad Warped Tour is dead because I missed those.