Eva: Seven Months

Eva Pilar,

There were tons of changes for you in your seventh month of life. You said goodbye to your home state of Hawaii and flew across the Pacific and the West Coast to my home state of Texas, the place where your roots are. 

The biggest change for you in the last month is that you’ve become fully mobile. It seems like it all happened so quickly. At the beginning of the month you were scooting and rolling, taking minutes to traverse the living room floor. Then one day, it’s like you figured out you had upper body strength. You began pulling yourself up on anything within reach. Then just a few days later, instead of doing a caterpillar scoot to get where you needed to be, you got up on all fours and figured out how to move your little arms and legs at the same time. For a few days you could only go a few steps at a time. Then, you found your rhythm and took off across the floor.


And now? Well, you’re a little turd. Should I be calling you a turd on here? I’m half-kidding, but only because I love you to death. It’s like you seek out things you know you shouldn’t be playing with and in a blink of an eye, you’re there. Your favorite target is any drink left on the floor. I wish I could capture the spark in your eyes when you spot one. You pounce on your hands like a little kitten and pump your little hands and feet until you get your hands on it.  You also go for potted plants, paper, and anything you think you can pull yourself up on. It’s pretty awesome, but now I have to be extra vigilant. You won’t have anything to do with a playpen, and you are not all that into bouncers or anything that you can’t go places in.

You are still the sweetest baby in the world. You’re chill with almost anyone but your face lights up when you get handed back to me. You know that I’m your mommy and I just love that.

You are a little goofball and it isn’t difficult to make you laugh. You stick your tongue out of your still toothless mouth when you grin and let out harmonious giggles. It’s my favorite sound in the world.

You’ve been trying solids and loving them. You love gumming celery sticks and sucking on oranges and plums (whole). You’ve also been eating pureed avocado and sweet potato. You usually take one or two long naps a day with the occasional cat nap after heavy play. You haven’t been sleeping through the night lately and I’m not sure what it is- the time change, teething, growing, or co-sleeping? You wake up hungry and fall asleep immediately after being fed, so it isn’t too hard on me, but I wish you would go back to your eight+ hour stretches. I love sleeping in the same bed as you; you give the best cuddles. 

It’s becoming a bit more work to be your mother, but a lot more rewarding and way more fun! I look forward to every day that I have with you- to teach, play, and learn about you and myself. I love you more than you will ever comprehend. Thank you for being my sweet little baby.


Month 7 Milestones:

6 months, 6 days – first surfing experience
6 months, 6 days – said aloha to Hawaii
6 months, 13 days- first musical
6 months, 15 days- started pulling self up
6 months, 18 days- started crawling


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